SHIMA-YA – #foodcoma

Ordered: Mini Chirashi & Spicy Chopped Scallop Roll
Overall Rating (Out of 5-♥ ~♡=1/2): ♥♥♥♡

This place was just …wow. Didn’t come here having high expectations as it was in a very unusual location. Who would have thought in the Victoria Drive area there would be good sushi? Fell in love with the saba at this place.

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@FairmontVan – Afternoon Tea

Ordered: Afternoon Tea for 2 ~ Fairmont teas, petite sandwiches, tasty pastries, house-made scones and fresh strawberries with Devonshire cream.
Overall Rating (Out of 5-♥ ~♡=1/2): ♥♥♥♥


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#Sushi from Sushi Garden

Ordered: Salmon Sashimi, House roll, Chi-Chee roll, Ton Katsu, Spicy Tuna, Rainbow roll
Overall Rating (Out of 5-♥ ~♡=1/2): ♥♥♡

Can’t ever complain about going over to Sushi Garden when you compare to the other options available in that area for takeout. The sushi here is what I call my Japanese McDonald as it’s quick, convenient, and decently priced. This is probably my go to place when I’m working school paper, projects, or any other random task. Alright! Time to stop procrastinating on my paper…x♥x♥

(P.S. Don’t ever get the Rainbow roll)


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@Glowbal_Group – Trattoria “Classic Italian”

Ordered: Spinach Insalata & Linguine Gamberi
Overall Rating (Out of 5-♥ ~♡=1/2): ♥♥♥♡


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